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could you imagine being on tumblr with all your followers physically present just like a group of 300 people standing around staring at you and every time you say anything a handful of them just repeat it to eachother for a few minutes

the internet is a strange place



Y’know, there are somethings you shouldn’t make gifs of.

This is one of them


I have been looking for this gifset my entire life.

Seriously the funniest moment of Toy Story. 


I just want cute a sleepover where there’s popcorn and movies and hot chocolate and demonic sacrifices that’s true friendship


You’re absolutely wonderful and lovely. I don’t know why you follow me because I’m a total derp and don’t deserve any of you, but thank you for doing so.

Now come here and let me cuddle the shit out of you. :D

My precious bbys :3


yes moffat

very clever

very clever indeed


“I find myself with nothing to do at the moment.”

Vernal chuckled at the bored man, muttering elven to herself before addressing the god. “It is very boring at times, is it not? Alfheim was much more lively.”
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